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What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an evidence-based non-surgical treatment used in the USA since the 1960’s. It is a treatment for reconstruction of the ligaments, tendons, joints of the musculoskeletal apparatus. It aims to eliminate the cause of most chronic pain conditions and uses no drugs.

The pain becomes chronic and persistent if it develops over the course of a
disease. Chronic pain has a negative impact on all aspects of an
individual’s life, including emotional elements, physical, financial and
social. “Prolotherapy” has established itself as a non-surgical treatment for the reconstruction of ligaments, tendons and joints that in the end, reduces dramatically chronic pain. “Prolotherapy” is a Real Pain Solution without surgery, without drugs, without rest or work disability, suitable for all, men and women, young and old, sportsmen and athletes, for all those people who want to solve the chronic pain problems without resorting to surgery.

Join more than 300 doctors that already did it!

We have already shown more than 300 doctors from all over the world how to treat chronic pain with prolotherapy and their results have been fantastic. Join us and help your patients live pain-free!

Don't take our word for it.

What Doctors Say

“Prolotherapy is a tool in our practice that we cannot do without anymore. More and more patients ask about it. They are shying away from the corticosteroid injections, because, yeah, they heard about the side effects or they don’t want it. So prolotherapy for every orthopedic medicine doctor or sports medicine doctor is a great tool”

Dr. Bjorn Mulder


“European School of Prolotherapy is the best prolotherapy teaching organisation in Europe. Dr. Stephen Cavallino is the manager and the senior teacher in the organisation who I have learned a lot from. So please come and join us to learn prolotherapy, to improve your prolotherapy skills and to be together”

Dr. Murat Akcacioglu


“I recently graduated from the European School of Prolotherapy with teacher Dr. Stephen Cavallino and I learned so much about new treatments for muscolo-skeletal pain. I also went on a mission in Greece where we learned a lot… Our patients are very happy with the treatments and I recommend every physician who works with muscolo-skeletal pain to follow a course with Dr. Cavallino because you will definitely learn a lot “

Dr. Claudia Mulder


What Our Patients Say​

“Many, many years ago, in Holland I fell of my bike and hurt my shoulder.Over the years and getting older, my shoulder became more and more painful and limited in movement, you could say ‘frozen’.After a treatment from Dr. Cavallino, I could imagine how one can get a drug addict….. just after a few injections you feel no pain anymore and you can lift up your arm again… and the only thing you think is ‘I want more……’.”

F. DaS

Shoulder Therapy

“I had problems with my lower back, but after the prolotherapy, all of my problems are GONE! By a happy coincidence, just when I had a problem, you were there. Thank you for picking back up on my feet! I am thankful that you exist! Keep treating people!”

Daniela Dimitrova

Back Therapy

“Only three weeks later and I also start to see results! Always, after a hot compress I feel much better for an extended period of time. I feel my joint movement much more stable. I had talked to physiotherapists from the USA , who had heard about prolotherapy, and they said that they expect significant effect several months after the injections.
My sincere thanks to Dr. Cavalino for the very quick and accurate examination and diagnosis, as well as to Rado for making all of this possible to happen so quickly and close to us.”

Georgi Mateev

Knee Therapy

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