Frequently Asked Questions

You must complete all three steps to obtain your diploma. Step 1, the online lectures must be completed to proceed to Step 2, the practical workshops (two weekends). Once you have completed Step 2, you can participate to
Step 3, the Prolotherapy Hands On Mission.

Yes, if you have achieved the requirements of Step 1, there are no time obligation to proceed.

Yes, all physicians that proceed each step will have an oral examination to evaluate his or her knowledge in Prolotherapy.

Yes, Prolotherapy is a medical procedure and can be only possible if you have a medical degree.

Go the European School of Prolotherapy site and follow the instructions to purchase the lectures. You will be registered once you purchase the Step 1.

Yes, you can but you cannot proceed to Step 2 because the practical workshops are for ONLY physicians.

This depends on the country you are coming from. We issue credits that are accepted in Italy.

Yes, the European School of Prolotherapy has been teaching prolotherapy for many years worldwide to learning physicians by the best professional international faculty. All clinical instructors are physicians with many years of experience and able to teach prolotherapy at a high qualitive level.

Yes, of course. The ESP is honored to see doctors return to our basic training courses and we are also honored to promote them to a higher level and to participate to the Prolotherapy Master Classes.

Yes, the ESP Faculty is worldwide.

All courses will be ONLY in English

The ESP has been giving educational courses for years with its educational policy that we prefer to have maximum 25 doctors per practical courses. This will enable all learning doctors to rotate the workshops in small groups (maximum 5 per group) and achieve intensive proper learning. All workshops have intensive teaching to learn prolotherapy skills.

The Prolotherapy Mission is the best learning opportunity for any doctor who is learning injection therapy. The mission is a one full week of hands on, where every learning physicians will be injecting patients under our clinical guidance provided by the ESP with a very experienced international prolotherapy doctor. The ESP developed a closed number in this teaching mission where our policy is to have a ratio of 2-3 learning physician per clinical instructor.

You can sign up on the site and there will be an annul fee that will provide discounts and many services from our school.

Yes, we at the European School of Prolotherapy are very open to expanding our teaching missions in many counties.

Yes, there will be courses to become a Prolotherapy Instructor.

Yes, basic and advanced level courses will be soon available.

The ESP has organized and will continue to offer courses in Basic MSK Ultrasound, Ultrasound Guided Prolotherapy, Cadaver Courses, Neural Prolotherapy Courses and many others.

Once you have achieved your basic education and have become also a frequent doctor participating in many educational events, our Board of Directors can take into consideration your request to become a Prolotherapy Instructor.

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